Little Learners Autism Program


Comprehensive Intervention For Every Little Learner - Quality Childcare & Behavioural Intervention

Little Learners is a centre-based  intervention program for children with autism.  It provides children with early, intensive, behavioural intervention (EIBI) - the most effective & evidence based educational approach for children with autism.

Little Learners Autism Program provides a highly specialised educational environment, where all staff will receive on-going training in autism and effective behavioural teaching techniques.  Children enrolled in the program will receive 20+ hours per week of direct instruction (a combination of 1:1 and small group intervention) which focuses on increasing skills such as communication, socialisation, play, daily living skills, motor skills, cognitive development and independence, while reducing challenging behaviours. 

Our philosophy to intervention is grounded in the scientifically validated techniques of  Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), which we implement in a systematic, fun and flexible manner.

Our emphasis is on teaching in the environment where the child can reach their maximum learning potential.  Many children learn best in a 1:1 setting.  However, for others, they require the learning environment to be small groups.  Our centre provides the flexibility for students to learn in the environment which suits them best.  Additionally, is located in close proximity to an affiliated childcare centre.  Our students can enrol in the childcare centre and attend with our highly trained staff, to maximise their inclusion time.