Over the last two years CISCA has been working closely with families and schools and independent agencies to improve the education programs for children with autism. Through our work we have come to understand the need for better options in education. We are aware that many families feel as though there are limited education options for their child, or school placements (special education or mainstream) which do not meet the unique needs of their individual child.

A focus on the whole child is paramount - children with autism need educational options that develop skills in communication, socialisation, behaviour regulation and academic achievement. To do this, schools need specialist consultation from professionals with experience in the autism field, and a commitment to evidence-based teaching techniques.

And so, at CISCA we are working with a number of government primary schools to develop a new approach, one that meets the academic, social and behavioural needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the school setting. This is a new and innovative concept and one that we are very excited to present. It is our strong belief that this project will offer families an education option for their children unlike any currently available.

We will be hosting an information session to explain the project and provide an opportunity for families to provide feedback and express an interest in becoming involved.




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